We always forget the Thundering Herd!
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Help me find the answer sheet to my family's favorite game of 'name all the teams, their mascots and college city in the Pac-10, ACC, SWAC, etc'. Looking for something graphical.

Ideally, I have a vision in my head of a map with color coded blobs to indicate the conference 'boundaries' with little dots for each team located in the college city. Clicking on a team 'dot' reveals more details about the team... mascot, location, colors, etc.

Does such a thing exist? I can live with a straight list but I'd love to find a map.

We change sports as the seasons change so it'd be ideal to find a site that did both Football and Basketball.
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You might try Sporcle, a quiz site. It won't have cheat sheets per se, but I'm pretty sure it has quizzes for all those things, so you can study that way.
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Here's a Sporcle quiz. Unfortunately, it's only the team name (not location) and it's not graphical.
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Not graphical, but here's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_college_athletic_conferences.
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neuron's link led me to this, with color coded maps

Unfortunately, each conference has its own map. Perhaps you can cobble something together based on what they have there.
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