There...Are...THREE...Lights! (hopefully)
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I have three big, lightweight, plastic spheres, and want to turn them into a three-light swag-type fixture. It would be cool to have all three controlled by one switch (kinda like a three-way floor lamp). Is there an easy way to do this?

I've rewired numerous floor and table lamps, and I understand basic electrical safety, but I'm no electrician. I'm really averse to soldering something together at this point. Kludge-y yet safe solutions are welcomed, though.

I haven't found any multi-bulb swag light kits out there, but perhaps I don't know what to Google for. Help!
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Well, this may be kludgier than you want, but IKEA sells lamp cords; a receptacle at one end where you screw in the light bulb, with a threaded area where you're supposed to attach a shade, and a wall plug at the other end. You could gang three of these together (run them through some PVC pipe?). Maybe dissect three of IKEA's lampshades to get the part that fits the threaded region of the cords.

Then at the other end, plug them all into an octopus type outlet that has a remote on/off switch between it and the wall, so you'd turn them on and off with the clicker.
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned the following:

- I'd really, really like to find a way to set this up so that I can turn on one light, two lights, or all three, all via one switch.

- If there's no good way to do this without soldering, etc., I might be able to get my electrician uncle to help me build something.

Lakeroon, your idea is good, and I'll use it if there's no alternative.
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I used to have an old house, and a couple ceiling fixtures were wired in just this way. Find an experienced electrician who can tell you how to do it.
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