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I'm looking for minimalist, psychedelic pop art with mystical or ambiguous symbols/iconography. Something a bit hypnagogic like this. I also prefer a simple black-and-white or muted approach rather than the garish colors and wavy lines associated with much of 60's psychedelic stuff, though I'm not necessarily opposed to that. Links to images encouraged. Thanks!
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Metafilter's own loquacious has done a lot of stuff like this, and used to have a website up, but now I can't find it. You should send him an e-mail.
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Wait, I think this portfolio on Behance might be his stuff.
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Bridget Riley (more).
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I'd say the image you link to is more Op art than psychedelic. Garish colors and wavy lines kind of define psychedelic.
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I also encourage you to check out the etchings of William Blake.
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Seconding loquacious. His stuff is ridiculo good. He's not online with it as much anymore, but I believe he will take commission on new works and maybe even sell you some other stuff. His MySpace profile used to have a couple of examples. I know for a fact (as I am proud owner of some 1/??? prints) that he's done MetaFilter-themed work recently as well, so there's your mystical/ambiguous iconography.
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Wes Wilson
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Oh, hi. I was wondering why my ears were burning. Yeah, that's my Behance portfolio.

Message me if you have any questions about anything. You're welcome to print any of those low resolution images for personal use but please don't re-use for commercial or remix projects without permission. There's some older stuff on my myspace page, too.
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I make things like that. Most of my friends do as well. I'm currently working on this. There aren't a lot of scans of anything, and I don't like to have digital versions of stuff I do. But if you really want I could get some friends to scan some stuff in and see if it's what you're looking for.
I actually did a drawing of a hypnagogic image which sort of fits what you say you're looking for. It's the third eye of a girl who's very special to me. I could take a picture and memail you a link.
Looking past all that tenuous stuff Harry Clarke and Yoshitaka Amano probably fit the bill. Although Clarke is a bit early to be psychedelic his work seemed to do a lot for psychedelic art later on.
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