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I'm looking for a pair of not-too-expensive clip-style headphones to replace my current MDR-Q33s. Earbuds irritate me and I like being able to keep one phone on while using the other ear for short conversations and the like. Any recommendations?
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Koss KSC-35, or KSC-55.

Same clip design. Far better sound quality. Still a great price.

I'd go so far as to say the best headphones on earth for under 50 bucks.
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Second the KSC-35, one of the most praised low-cost headphones on Head-Fi. You can order directly from Koss. My only complaint is that the clip is a bit fragile, and pops off its ball joint rather easily.
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Third the Koss clip-style headphones. They sound absolutely fantastic for the price (I have the 35s). The KSC-35, KSC-50, and KSC-75 have the same drivers in them so they'll pretty much sound the same, so it's mostly a style and design choice between the three. The KSC-75 will probably be the easiest to find as it's the newest product.
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I have a pair of Koss KSC50 headphones. I'm not an audiophile, so take my experiences as coming from a layperson who likes music.

Okay, first, they are fairly comfortable (more so than ear buds, which I also dislike) but they feel kind of big on my ears, like they are going to fall off, and I tend to be very careful to not move my head too emphatically while I'm wearing them.

Second, I wear glasses so it can feel like a serious ear real estate battle between my various accessories.

Third, they aren't very loud. I have to turn the volume of whatever I'm listening to up pretty loud to make it louder than the ambient noise. This results in everyone else on the train being able to hear what I'm hearing, which can be embarrassing if, like today, I'm in a big-time cheese mood, grooving to my AM Gold iPod playlist of Glen Campbell, Ambrosia, and Gordon Lightfoot songs. If you have better taste in music than I do, this will not be a problem for you. I think this is called "leaking noise" or something similar.

Fourth, and since you already had the same style of headphones I assume this isn't going to be an issue, but these are not the headphones to wear while working out. They are large and the padding is like a sweat sponge. The bright side of this is that very few other people want to put their ears in my headphones as a result.

Good points include: They are cheap, they don't mess up my hair, and if I accessorize right, I look like this guy.
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Note that the KSC-35 reportedly fits more snugly than the KSC-50. The snug fit not only keeps them on your ears better, but also enhances perceived bass performance to some degree. So the general consensus seems to be that the 35 is preferable.

I don't know anything about these new-fangled KSC-75s, but they look like something of a throwback to the old 35 design. So chances are they're pretty good too.
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