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CoffeeTableBookFilter: Anyone know of a book full of maps, particularly if those maps show the changing borders of countries in various time periods?

My wife wanted something that she could skip through and see how country borders moved in time. Has someone made something like that into a picture book?
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Best answer: This is probably a bit larger and more detailed than you're looking for, but it covers the entire world through basically all the time periods. I use it as a coffee-table book, anyway.
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I've seen a number of books like you describe under the name "historical atlas" -- I myself have the ninth printing of Shepherd's Historical Atlas. You can check a an outdated version out on Google Books. Might be a good starting point towards finding a more modern version.
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You're looking for a 'historical atlas'. Put that phrase into Amazon and you'll see lots of options, some covering the whole world, some focusing on specific times or areas.
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Response by poster: Thanks!

(PS: For those interested, it sounds like This Atlas is also quite excellent; I'll be deciding between that one and the Times Complete History)
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