What are these two men wearing?
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What specific items of clothing are these two 19th century men wearing? Is there a name for that style of hat, those styles of trousers, etc? If you happen to know the exact name for those precise styles, that's great-- but if not, even general terms that would help me describe them would be great.

(I'm writing a story in which a similarly dressed character appears, and I'm at a loss for how to describe his clothes. I have a hard time remembering the names of 20th century items of clothing. 19th century ones flummux me completely!)
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Looks like they're wearing bowler hats to me.
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gor blimey trousers were a common type of trouser around that time.

They were baggy trousers worn by the working classes, tied round the waist with a bit of string, and, upon a bit of research, tied with string just above the knees to deter rats from scampering up the leg. Unfortunately your two blokes don't seem to have that important accessory!
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The chap in the back is wearing a jacket over a waistcoat over a shirt, but the guy in front is wearing something less fitted over his shirt-- possibly a smock or smock-frock. That garment was associated with country people, so it's possible that guy could be a recent arrival in the city, while the chap behind is more sophisticated.

However, if (as I suspect) the bucket they're carrying is full of night-soil, by the end of the shift smock-frock guy is going to be laughing while guy #2 is trying to de-stink his trendy jacket.
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The guy on the left appears to be wearing a "Sack Coat". That is an American term for a jacket worn during the Civil War, I don't know what it would be called at a different time during that century or in a different part of the world.
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The front coat does not have smocking on it - the gathered embroidery- so I would be careful about calling it a smock-frock.

But I have nothing better to offer, either.
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What SLC Mom said about smocks and smocking. The shorter jacket I've heard called a "monkey jacket" or "roundabout". I'm not sure if these terms are American or English or both.
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TooFewShoes may be right: the guy on the left's garment does look a lot like a sack coat.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody!

Pallas Athena, you're absolutely right about the contents of the bucket. The picture caption describes them as "Nightmen" but that's a euphemism for "Night-soil men," which is itself a euphemism for "People who come to your house at night and collect big buckets of crap."
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