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I currently store bedroom things in one of these. I'd prefer something like one of these. Where can I find some attractive storage crates to make what is on show by necessity look nicer?

NB I am in the UK, and sadly Target won't ship over here (they have plenty of those crates in stock, and cheaper - damn the land of the free). I've tried the Ikea website and see nothing suitable - they don't home deliver these things and I can't easily get to a store.

I need something big enough to store shoes, but not too big, as it has to go behind my bed-frame. The milk crate linked above is about the right size. Please show me your ideas!
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Could you make your own?

-Find some sturdy crates that aren't all fancy, with preferably a papery, wooden, or otherwise porous surface. If it's plastic or metal, rough it up with sandpaper.
-Go to an art supply store with a selection of fancy paper, get some that you like that isn't too thick or too thin, some spray adhesive, and a big piece of thin posterboard to make your pattern.
-Trace the crate onto the poster board. First mark out the bottom, and then, carefully lining up each side with its edge on the posterboard, trace each side, and then add an inch or so tab to the top of each side panel. It should look like a big squat cross shape.
-Cut out the posterboard to make sure it fits the crate well, and then cut the paper out according to the pattern.
-Spray your crate with adhesive, carefully apply the paper, cut out any hand-holds the crate may have, and you're done. If you want, you could spray the whole thing with some varnish and let it dry upside-down for a day or so.
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There's this or this from sainsburys but they're bigger than you want.
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Did you check Dunnes stores? I think they have locations in the UK, or at least should ship there from Ireland. They have lots of storage options here.
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If you don't expect them to take too heavy of a beating, I would suggest you buy large gift boxes from a stationary shop. Paperchase has some that are nice. Also, you might be able to find something you like through ('storage box' seems to turn up quite a few results).
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Also, if it's shape instead of colourful design that you want, Debenhams has some of their storage crates on sale at the moment.
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Maybe the sizing is off or something, but in case you didn't see them during your Ikea investigations, they have these and these, in some different sizes.
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I like the look, feel and lightness of wicker crates. The use of renewable materials is an added bonus. This one looks like it's about the right size for shoes etc.; perhaps there are UK stores that carry similar?
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For what it's worth, I have something similar from Ikea and they're not very sturdy. One fell apart/exploded and a few others are busting at the seams (maybe that says more about me than them ...) On the other hand, I have a few small plastic boxes from Target and the like that I've used to store old greeting cards and bathroom supplies and they've been great. The one with the greeting cards has been around for years.
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