Looking for cello instructor in Los Angeles
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Looking for a cello teacher in Los Angeles for a beginner. Or is there a string instrument instructor you know who might recommend a cello instructor or a cello player who might want to earn a few bucks, or bargain his or her time?

Being unemployed is making me feel useless, so I thought I'd try to learn an instrument that I love to hear.

I had training on violin for a couple years as a child, and spent several years on the flute, so I wouldn't be starting completely from scratch re music, but I barely know the bass clef and haven't ever tried to play a cello.

So I'm looking for a cello teacher who doesn't mind a beginner/ doesn't cost much/ would be amenable to bargain (I can catalog music, cook, clean, dogwalk, chauffeur someone around, etc) if the fees are more than I can manage.
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My wife knows a cello player who gives lessons. She's a working professional, so I'm not sure if that's the price range you're looking for, but I can send her a link to this post if you'd like. (Or pass along the the email from your profile, if that's okay.)
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Check out local colleges and or community centers. Lots of students offer lessons at low rates - sometimes it's even required by their degree program.
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As a point of reference cello lessons in Los Angeles are usually in the $50 - 80 per hour price range, so you are probably going to be looking for an advanced student looking to get some experience and earn some side money.

If you are near downtown, visit the Colburn School which is a conservatory and also has pre-collegiate programs. They have bulletin boards where you could probably post some contact information.
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McCabe's on Pico in Santa Monica has a listing for a private cello instructor; you might also call the shop directly, (310) 828-4497, and see if they can recommend someone to you.

I don't have any affiliation with McCabe's, other than "I might, actually, finally, take ukulele lessons later this year if my schedule ever settles down."
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equalpants, please do send on this post and my email. Thank you. Perhaps she can refer me on.

$50 - 80/hr is certainly more than I can afford, so I'll look into schools and students. Perhaps students will be as broke as I, and willing to exchange services!
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I've been taking cello lessons at the Santa Monica Music Center on Santa Monica and 19th for the past year. I highly recommend April Guthrie, their instructor. You buy packages of four half-hour lessons @ $32 a pop, and I think there was a try-one-free deal (though it's been a while, so I may be misremembering that).
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Wonderful. I have several ways to pursue this now. Thank you all!
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