Microwave - (turntable tray + wheels) = Fine long term?
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This is likely a dumb question. :) But I have this little microwave. Both the glass turntable and the plastic wheel thing are broken. The microwave itself works fine and heats things up. Short of dripping stuff down into the motor enclosure where the wheel+turntable would normally sit, can I use this microwave normally long-term with no worries? I'm assuming that the only difference is the food would be unevenly heated (I could manually turn), but I just wanted to make sure the turntable motor business wasn't connected to anything else. Replacements would cost more than the microwave at this point.
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Yeah, the turntable is just to heat the food. Many models don't have turntables.
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(heat the food = "heat the food evenly.")
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Thought so. Thanks!
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The turntable also lifts the food up a little bit to centre it in the microwave space. Maybe more "rays" can get at it this way? Back in the day they used to say to sit food on an upturned plate or something - you might want to try putting your cooking container/plate on top of something else microwave-safe to elevate it.

Also maybe being generous with your cooking container size so it doesn't boil over and drip down the hole - we're always having custard/oatmeal/white sauce overflows and the only solution is more cowbell a bigger cooking jug.
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When I was young we had a wind-up turntable for our microwave. I wonder if they still exist. (googles) .... OH look, they do!
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slightlybewildered: Good tip. I'll put a big plate over the hole just to be on the safe side.

MesoFilter: Wow. That's... actually brilliant. That costs more than my microwave, but it's good to know such a thing exists. :)
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I was going to suggest looking for the parts on eBay. I did that and it was not at all expensive, but it looks like your microwave is very inexpensive.
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