Recommend short diversions on the web.
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What are good places on the internet to waste a short, pre-determined amount of time? (more inside)

Frequently, when I'm working, I like a short break (under 5 mins) to clear the old noggin. But MeFi, AskMe and other blogs tend to have entries that will have me potentially spending hours reading up on interesting topics. A good solution is web comics, but really, there are only two that I consistently enjoy, and starting on a new one usually means several hours of reading up on back-story.
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If games are viable, there's some that use Flash (or... whatever) on Yahoo and places like Some are even multiplayer.
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I like the Texas Hold Em rooms on Yahoo games.
posted by spicynuts at 12:57 PM on February 10, 2005 has some fun, short, and easy games too
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Wasting five minutes on the Internet is easy. I think I've done it fifty times already today.

Shopping blogs like engadget or Cool Tools are good for a quick five minutes of interestingness without excessive linkiness.
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Wiki or everything2 are good firsts. Bloglines is a good second, not direct but seductively tangential.

Make sure you don't become addicted, nature still exists.
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Second Weboggle. The only problem's so damn addictive that it's hard to play just one.
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Internet cafe. Once your pre-determined time runs out, that's it.
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Just tried weboggle, you evil bastards, that will be way longer than a five minute waster for me.
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5 in a row go (press the Gomoku button). I find it's easy to stop as I can only stand so much of getting my butt kicked...
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Jigzone. I blame it for my carpal tunnel.
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My StumbleUpon toolbar keeps me busy when I don't have anything to do... and when I do.
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Screenhead, you gimboids.
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Post a question to Ask Metafilter??

I've spent 15 minutes in here already and I'm only halfway down the page!
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The Kingdom of Loathing is an entertaining and very funny little diversion. You get around 40 turns a day, so it generally only wastes so much time.
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w/r/t Weboggle: Mhu hu hah ha ha ha ha. Another soul claimed.
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A friend recently turned me on to Orisinal. Lots of games with high re-play value, but too sickeningly sweet to keep your attention for more than five minutes.
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