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Having an outdoor wedding in Bay City Michigan the end of June and I am wondering if anyone knows of an effective and safe way to eliminate mosquitoes from the area for several hours? I really want to be sure no pets, people or the environment itself are toxic, I just want the nasty blood suckers to leave myself and the guests alone!
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Best answer: Here are some reviews of mosquito traps. These are probably what you're looking for.
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How large of an area? Could the event tolerate some fans that could keep the air moving?
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You could arrange several tiki torches with citronella oil around the perimeter, and place citronella candles within the area. The numbers of which depend on the size of the area....

Additionally, rosemary leaves are natural repellents, but you could place several rosemary plants around the area if you don't want to crush up some leaves and scatter them. (Other options: Wormwood plants, Lemongrass, crush up some catnip leaves and marigold leaves.) Lime and lemon slices also help repel mosquitoes, so you could place halved or sliced limes around on the tables, but be sure to place a note somewhere on the tables that they are not edible so people don't consume your mosquito repellent! You could spray the area with lemon juice (combined with lemon ammonia or lemon dish soap or both) the day before the wedding - should keep them away for a few weeks if the concentrate is correct.
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In my experience, citronella torches and candles are entirely insufficient to ward off mosquitoes. Whatever you choose, make sure to have bug spray that actually works available to your guests if they ask for it.
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I just thought to add.. if this is at an establishment of some kind, ask the people that run the place if they have suggestions. If it's a private residence, spend some time experimenting with plants/candles/torches to see what works best.
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kirstk: "You could arrange several tiki torches with citronella oil around the perimeter, and place citronella candles within the area."

I don't know, but if it's a traditional wedding the idea of a bunch of tipsy people with blousy, frilly clothes staggering around open flames doesn't sound like a good combo.

I have a friend who swears by the mosquito traps, but I think you need to run them for a while in the vicinity beforehand. You also might want to check the site in advance for standing water spots that could be remedied.
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From what I understand, mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide that all mammals exhale. So, get a large chunk of dry ice and put it downwind from the festivities. You may need to replace it several times.
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Response by poster: Daddio is there any proof that it helps? Man I hate those blood sucking monsters
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