The weather's nice and I need new clothes
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Chicago Thrift stores: Ones that have a nice selection that don't charge $75 for a used t-shirt?

Hi guys, I just found out I was too late to get tickets to the TCM North by Northwest showing tonight so I want to drown my sorrows by doing some shopping. I tried looking on Yelp but everything looks so overwhelming that I don't know where to start. Plus you guys usually have good opinions.

So like where are the best thrift stores? I'm looking for big, modern selection and I am not going to spend more than $10 on something someone else wore.

Or other reasonably priced stores (no more than $50/item) where I can get some nice v-neck cardigans, sane-looking pants and cute skirts? Besides NY&CO (I LOVE NY&Co's bootleg petite pants, but I already have them in all 3 colors), H&M, Old Navy and Anne Taylor because I've been there lately and they don't have anything for me right now.

I usually have good luck at the Salvation Army on Devon but that's a little bit too far away for me today. I'm going to be departing from the Fullerton station but don't let geography limit your suggestions.
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On Broadway in the Lakeview 'hood you will find both a Brown Elephant and a Crossroads. They are a cross between consignment & thrift stores. Modern selection (they only buy what's in style right now). The prices run the gamut, but most things fall under 20, and much for under 15 or 10.
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It's been years since I've shopped there but the Brown Elephant was the "go to" place when I needed something cheap and relatively cool/trendy. Nothing like relying on uber trendy queers to get rid of good stuff while it's still very usable/wearable. Last time I was in there though the prices had certainly crept up.

I might also suggest a trek downtown to Nordstrom Rack. I try to hit them whenever I'm in town and I almost always come out with a steal of a deal.
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I tend to evangelize Unique Thrift Stores. Mondays are always half price days, but there are often half price weekend specials and $10.00 off coupons available online.

This is the source of almost my entire wardrobe and I look fabulous.
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Family Thrift and
Village Discount in Logan Square are cheap and big, but can be a hit or miss. There is also Buffalo Exchange, although it is more pricey.
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Oh yeah, Unique is awesome too!
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I had excellent luck buying high quality sweaters and trousers (J. Crew, Banana Republic, etc.) at the Evanston Salvation Army store (within a block of the Purple Line Main stop). It seems to be where stylish North Shore women donate their year-old sweaters. I got a pristine J. Jill cashmere sweater there once for $1, and I got my favorite shirt dress there for $3. It's a nice mix of work-appropriate clothes and the occasional wacky 1960s home ec project dress. Shirts and sweaters are $1-4, pants and dresses are $3-5, and winter coats are $5-10.
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Response by poster: Ooh Meg I love that place, that's my other "regular spot" cause it's near my house.
Can't wait to branch out with these great suggestions. Keep them coming if you got them!
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I love the Village Discount Outlet on Clark and Ainslie. Yes, it looks sketchy, and yes, it's always packed. The customer service is terrible--but the finds are awesome. Most of my clothes come from here, and if I weren't fat, I'd have my pick of Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Gap, Old Navy, and more. There are three colours every day that are half price, and this weekend everything is half price. Get to your zen place before you get there, though, or else you'll kill someone.

From the El, you'll get off at Lawrence on the Red Line and either walk west to Clark and North to Ainslie (less than 1 mile), or take the Lawrence bus to Clark and walk North to Ainslie. (There's also a Brown Elephant at Clark and Balmoral, so if you want to hop the Clark bus after shopping at Village Discount you can hit that too--or if you want to walk, there are tons of neat Andersonville shops, but it's a bit of a hike.)
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What everyone above said. I also quite like the Salvation Army on Grand near Union.
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I got an awesome jacket at Hollywood Mirror for cheap, cheap, cheap. Two blocks east of the Belmont El Stop. There's also a Ragstock right above it, though I've never been up there.
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