What's the opposite of a "mommy blog"?
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Help this special snowflake find some witty, urbane blogs?

I'm looking for some blogs to start reading. I'm into big cities, history, academia, neat and/or weird things on the internet, fashion (modern classic/minimalist, not vintage or frilly) and travel, but mostly I'm just looking for a unique perspective and high-quality, polished, or at least witty and engaging writing. I'm really not interested in reading about babies, cooking, or Scary Sadshaws. If Oscar Wilde wrote a blog, I'd be all up in that.

I already read: kottke, Garance Doré, Park & Cube, Molls... she wrote, The Awl, Sea of Shoes, The Sartorialist, and Hark, A Vagrant!
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Best answer: All I ever suggest to people is Firmuhment.
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Best answer: I read most of those blogs too. I also like Waxy, Clusterflock, the blogs on NYMag.com, and a bunch of others i can't seem to think of right now.
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Best answer: Overcoming Bias
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Best answer: For modern classic/minimalist fashion, you can't do better than YouLookFab.
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Best answer: This will fill your brain to bursting: Omnivore
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Best answer: Sugarlaws?

Cupcakes and Cashmere?

Both are fashion and food together, but I think they're probably your style. I read all but two of your abovementioned blogs, but the rest of my blog roll tends to look like the pioneer woman and other thing you probably don't want.
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Best answer: I love Spacing Toronto and Spacing Montreal, even though I have never spent significant amounts of time in either city. The perspective they offer on urban spaces is quite thought-provoking.

English Cut is written by the effervescent Thomas Mahon, bespoke Savile Row tailor.

Refinement is an LJ community for those who are in pursuit of a finer sensibility.

Style Rookie is written by 13-year-old fashion wunderkind Tavi Williams.

Finally, there's I Love Typography. Even if you're not a font nerd, it's a fun read.
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Best answer: You might like The Bygone Bureau.
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Best answer: Lovely Bicycle! which is written by Veloria, a cyclophile with a flair for classic style and photography, who splits her time between Boston and Vienna.
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Best answer: BLDGBLOG
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Best answer: If you're not reading Executed Today you're missing out.

(and are you sure you're not into cooking blogs? Because you'll never read stuff like this otherwise).
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Response by poster: You (and your answers) are all the best.
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Luxirare describes itself as "killer clothes and fine cuisine", but it's mostly about the methodical creation of luxury objects.

I really like Matthew Gallaway's blog and tumblr. He's a soon-to-be-published novelist who uses captions on plants, the George Washington Bridge, and his 3 amazing cats to communicate his ideas.

If you are at all interested in China, you must check out Chinasmack. It translates notable Chinese blog posts and forums, including comments. Absolutely fascinating to get an idea of what Chinese people are talking about online.

Snarkmarket is about everything you mentioned.
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Roger Ebert's Blog is some of his best writing. It's normally not about film.
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Futility Closet calls itself "an idler's miscellany of compendious amusements.' They post lots of strange tidbits and puzzles.

A Journey Around My Skull is about book illustrations, and features some fantastic and really obscure artwork.
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Life Without Buildings.
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Since you listed the Sartorialist and Garance Dore, here's a couple more street style sites that may be of interest:

Though fashion week has made some of them more focused off-duty models and magazine editors than regular street denizens lately.

Stil in Berlin
Yvan Rodic
Copenhagen Street Style
Mr. Newton
Stockholm Street Style
Jak and Jil
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I like that one, OmieWise!
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Letters of Note -- very thoughtfully curated

and Jonah Lehrer's Frontal Cortex
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