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Who do you follow on twitter that are motivational/inspirational? I am looking at Tony Robbins already.
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Jenny Holzer

Tiny Buddha
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Tom Morris collects other people's Twitter wisdom (which he calls twisdom).
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I mean this totally seriously, Zombocom
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Courage Wolf.
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Dalai Lama
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BuddhistGirl is the first one I thought of, but it doesn't look like she's posting anymore. In case she comes back -- I always loved how her posts remind me to do what I can in this moment to choose how I want to be.

odemagazine is the Twitter of Ode Magazine, which I never fail to recommend for its inspiring "good news" stories. (They have a newsletter, too!)

LuminousHeart is even further on the Buddhist side of things. Always has a kind word and an open heart.
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Tiny Buddha
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Andrew WK tweets a fair amount about mundane rockstarry things, but a few times a day drops some inspiration.

PARTY TIP: Realize that your best friends could die tomorrow. Tell them you love them today. And do use the word "LOVE".

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