Price gun filter?
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Price gun filter?

After many years selling vinyl online, I'm going to start going to the local record shows with a couple bins of LPs later this year. Looking for recommends for a price gun:

1) occasional use, so a cheap one would be OK

2) looking for labels that can be removed without trashing the album covers
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The advantage to price guns is that you can price hundreds items the same price, quickly. Changing the price each time (I have to imagine a couple bins of records would be different prices all around) would cut down on that efficiency.

We use those where I work just about everyone hates them as they jam and get out of 'sync' quite easily. We use sheets of labels for handwritten prices and those come off the records easily (we actually have a couple different types, the Avery labels come off easiest).
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I was planning to stack them by price ($3 $5 $7 $9) then use the gun on them.

Now that I think of it tho, I could run sheets of Avery labels thru the laser printer...
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One of those Brother P-Touch systems could work well too. I use them in my library for applying call numbers to our Reserves collection. They have easy-to-peel tape varieties as well.
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Checking out the P-Touch stuff... the labelers are relatively inexpensive. They probably make their bucks on the consumables! Will check it out @ Office Max.
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If you go the printer route, Avery makes a line of labels that have removable backing. It's like the stuff they use on post-its, but just a teeny bit stronger. I use them at work all the time, and can say they have a stickyness factor on a file folder of about 3 months before they start curling at the edges, and they remove easily without any residue.
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Just bought a pack of the Avery "repositionable" labels -- we'll see how that goes.

Thanks, hive mind!
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