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I am thinking about having some microdermabrasion treatments. I do not have scars, just some stubborn mila and mild rosacea. I have done research but am getting confused with all the choices and methods. I am in the LA area, so have a big selection of Med-Spas where the treatments are given by an RN or LVN. What is the difference between SmartPeel or Vibraderm or a SilkPeel, or...they go on and on. Does anyone have any direct experience with the various methods. Don't tell me to see my dermatologist, as Kaiser doesn't deal with optional aesthetic procedures. I use some prescription creams, Metronidazole works better than Retin A, for the rosacea.
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Try giving your face a good scrub with baking soda every day before you spend money on expensive microdermabrasion treatments.
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Are you simply red from rosacea or do you also break out? Either way, if you do a quick Google of rosacea microdermabrasion you will find a lot of sources advising anyone with rosacea to stay away. It can make even a mild case of rosacea worse.

Don't use baking soda either. That's a neat choice for a lot of people with normal skin, but the abrasian is too much for rosacea.
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I understand that your health plan won't cover these treatments, but that shouldn't preclude you from asking for advice on treatment from your physician--because these are medical lasers that are treating a medical condition. I am a big fan of lasers and have had laser hair removal all over my body. I am now going to try, at the recommendation of my dermatologist, the V-Beam laser for my mild rosacea. It's an out-of-pocket expense, but I sure as heck wouldn't do any type of treatment for my rosacea without my physician's input.

Many dermatologists are now offering lasers as in-office treatments; no more having to go to the nearest medical spa to get the treatment. I would want a physician on staff to supervise the treatment as well.

Have you tried Finacea? I have had good results with Finacea, every 2 days, at bedtime. It's a prescription. I didn't really have good results for rosacea with Ziana (that works great for acne, though) or Metrogel. Also, CeraVe cleanser seems to work well (you can get it at CVS or Wal-Mart). It's very rich and doesn't feel like it's cleaning, but it leaves your skin hydrated, which helps control my rosacea.

I stay away from microdermabrasion. Again, ask your physician what you can do outside of prescriptions to treat this condition.
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Try vitamin C Microrefiner from The Body Shop(NOT bath and body works). Essentially a microdermabrasion at home but less expensive. I had similar issues to yours and it worked wonders.
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