What play is this darkly comic scene from?
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TheatreFilter: Help me identify the play that this morbid, dark, hilarious scene I saw came from.

I only saw one scene, performed as an 'independent event' at a thespian conference, but it was hilarious.

In the scene, a couple is arguing. The husband/boyfriend character is wheedling and trying to convince his wife to come with him down to the basement so that he can kill her. Morbid, right? The funny part was that the wife was the one completely in control of the situation, pointing out all the ways he was doing it wrong.

I believe a shovel was mentioned?

I wish I had more to go on. Anyone know what that scene is from?
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Depending on how absurd the action/dialog was it sounds like a premise I'd expect from a Christoper Durang play. If it was totally absurd, and a one act play, you might want to look there. But this is a total guess.
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I was going to say the same as DetonatedManiac. My first thought reading your question was The Marriage of Bette and Boo (which I saw a high school production of once like 9 years ago, so I don't remember much other than the dark absurdist tone and repeated baby-dropping), but there doesn't seem to be anything about a shovel in that play.
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Sam Shepard? (Were there coyotes yipping in the background?) (Kidding... kinda.) I think there was a shovel in Buried Child.
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My first thought was Martin McDonagh, though I don't know which of his plays it would be. Maybe The Lieutenant of Inishmore? It certainly sounds like the sort of thing that he writes.
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Oops. Didn't close the italics properly. Sorry.
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