Name that male/female duet country tune
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Can you help me identify the country-ish/folky song in my head?

I heard a song on the local public radio station a month or two ago that seemed familiar, but I'm not sure I'd ever heard it before and haven't heard it again since.

The song is a duet between a male and female, who alternate vocals. It has a country-ish/folky twang, and I believe it's from the late '60s or '70s. Sounds kind of old-timey. The woman has kind of a husky voice, but I don't remember much about the guy.

I can't remember any of the exact lyrics, but at one point in the song, I think the two of them go back and forth, reciting words in series like "bats and balls and brooms and sticks..." or the like. I can't think of the chorus for the life of me, but it may have "home" in the title. It's kind of in the style of the Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else But You" only older and more country.

Any takers?
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"Time's A Wastin'" by June Carter and Johnny Cash/Carl Smith???
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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Home. It came out this year, but it does sound like a June & Johnny Cash duet.
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Unfortunately that's not it. I believe the two who sang this song weren't nearly as well known. I seem to remember them being kind of outsider/fringe type artists or part of a sort of music collective of the day, though I could be wrong. But I do think there was a band name they were attached to, not just the names of two people.
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Yes, oinopaponton got it! I had no idea it was so recent. Thanks very much indeed!
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(PS- in this live version, you can see how into each other the singers are. It's pretty adorable.)
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