If I were Scandiavian, what would my North Face be?
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What are the major Scandinavian Mountaineering/Ski clothing companies out there?

Recently, while skiing, I saw a woman wearing gear from Norrona. As an American familiar with the standard mountaineering/ski clothing companies (the North Face, Patagonia, Arc'teryx, Marmot, EMS, Mountain Hardware etc.) I have not been exposed to the top notch gear of other regions. There has to be a huge market in Scandinavia (and in the Alps) for ski & Mountaineering gear. And trust me, as a woman who is tall and has curves, I'd love to find more gear that does the job right. (Men's gear is fine, but women's is always way better fitting).

I only found out Norrona by asking the woman where her awesome pants were from (and thoroughly creeping her out). Norrona appears to be at the high-end; comparable to Arc'teryx. There have to be more winter gear companies that I just flat out don't know about.

Metafilter, tell me the top ski/mountaineering gear companies from your native country!

p.s. first question! yays!
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Iceland has 66 Degrees North. I noticed their winter Olympics team wearing that for the opening ceremony (the same design that I had seen in a lot of shops in RVK and other spots on my trip around the island).
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Helly/Hansen is Norwegian. If price is an adequate signaling mechanism, they are very good too.
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Best answer: Fjällräven is Swedish, and exactly what you want. Their US site is here, and they recently opened their first US store on Mott St.
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I've always thought Fjällräven stuff looked awesome.
Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand that's pretty solid, though they've gotten into streetwear in a big way.
There's also Haglöfs.
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My Swede friends are into Helly Hansen.
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Best answer: 66°NORTH from Iceland makes very neat stuff.
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Haglöfs is another Swedish outdoor garment company. I'd also like to add Jack Wolfskin, they were in North America for a bit, but since then have returned to their German roots.
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Best answer: The aforementioned companies are all widely used, not only in Scandinavia, but all around Europe. Some other popular names are: Klättermusen and Haglöfs from Sweden, along with Devold, Helsport and Bergans from Norway.

Although not originating from Scandinavia, the German brand Bogner is very popular, especially with those concerned with their clothing's asthetics.
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Bergans of Norway makes some fantastic stuff. Highly recommend and it is used quite a bit locally I might add.
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Peak Performance does very beautiful, technical stuff.
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Yep, I saw a lot of Bergans while in Norway. Pricey, but I tried on one of those rain jackets and it is so worth it. Also saw Helly Hansen stores but didn't see a lot of people wearing it.
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Ulvang socks, headwear and mid-layer clothing.
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Response by poster: I've been to Iceland and completely forgot about 66 North!

As someone who is seriously addicted to winter sports (alpine touring, big mountain skiing and telemark) it's awesome to have other options out there. I'm looking for gear more along the lines of Bergans and Fjällräven to expand my options. All this gear is seriously pricey, so it's nice to know that there are options other than the standard North American Companies.

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If you want to buy 66 North clothing while traveling in Iceland, wait until you're in the airport and get it at the duty free shop. You'll save up to hundreds of dollars.
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If you ever visit Svalbard, you can get clothing from Bergans, Fjällräven, Helly Hansen etc tax free.

At this time of year, many sport retailers in Norway has winter clothing from Bergans etc at their end of season sales. Example: Bergans 40% off... and they deliver to international customers too.
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"Halti" in Finland. Haglöfs, and Fjällräven are also big here.

German, Swiss and Austrian brands are not really strong in Scandinavia, and opposite... It's a style and weather issue too. In Scand. it can be darn cold and snowy, in the alps the clothes must take more rain.

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