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Milwaukee restaurant recommendation time! Where to eat in the general area of the Pabst Theatre?

We're spending the night in Milwaukee to see Joanna Newsom and to just have a night away from Chicago. Our hotel is in the same general area as the Pabst as well. Any suggestions for places to eat dinner or to get breakfast/brunch the next day? Doesn't have to be in walking distance, but the vicinity would be nice.

Assume a 20 dollar limit per person, not counting drinks/tip. Nothing fancy, but not Denny's, either. As for dinner: no chinese, thai, sushi, or mexican. Brunch: your typical brunchy foods.
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I enjoyed the Trinity Pubs for dinner, and they're close to the Pabst Theater. But be warned, it's not a non-smoking establishment, if that's important to you (I know I was a bit disappointed; you can't smoke in a pub in Ireland, so it's hardly authentic to smoke in an 'Irish pub' in the US). Anyway, they have both dinner and brunch menus available online.
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Someone just told me Mader's brunch was great and it's 3 blocks from the Pabst. I haven't had their brunch but the rest of the menu is great.
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Louise's is good Italian food within walking distance.

The Safe House is more of a bar than a restaurant, but the food is good and the atmosphere is awesome, though if I told you much more about it, I'd have to kill you.

Rock Bottom Brewery is hardly unique since it's a chain, but it is right across the river from you. I'd rather go up the road and eat at Water Street Brewery myself. Bar Louie is across the street from that; being from Chicago I'll assume you're familiar with it.

For brunch? I was going to suggest Trocadero but their website says they're closed for repairs (WTF, there goes my plan for Sunday). Eagan's on Water is close. Apparently Water Street Brewery also offers brunch. If you want to do it in the cheap, go to Alterra Coffee on the lakefront, but it'll be busy and it's a long walk. Personally, I'd look for extra change in your couch cushions and do it right at the Pfister Hotel.
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Oh, I missed your "nothing fancy" requirement. Since it's Milwaukee and it's brunch, you could get away with jeans at the Pfister, but I'd feel pretty awkward. Louise's isn't fancy, but I'd wear something decent. Jeans are fine everywhere else.
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If you're there on a Friday night, you might want to seek out a "fish fry," apparently it's a Milwaukee thing. I don't remember the name of the place we were taken, but we were told that basically all restaurants will serve you fried fish on Fridays, whether it's on the menu or not, which I wasn't sure whether to believe.
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Turner Hall is pretty nice. It is about 5 blocks away from the Pabst. Go a little north from the Pabst on Water St. and there are a whole bunch of casual bars, most of which serve food as well. Just be out before the real bar crowd comes rolling in because the whole area can get packed. John Hawks Pub is just a few blocks south on Water St. serving English fare. I really enjoy the Cuban sandwiches at Cubanitas (that's Cuban, not Mexican). Sabor is a unique dining experience if you like meat, meat, meat (and more meat).

I second The Safe House for the fun of it. Really. You have to go just for the experience.

I hope the show is as fantastic as I've heard (I'll be there, too).
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I would highly recommend Comet Cafe on the lower East Side for brunch. It's not very close to the Pabst vicinity, but it's a very quick drive and a reasonable walk if the weather permits (1.5 miles).

For dinner nearby the theatre, I would second Cubanitas and Louise's. While the Safe House is a fun and unique experience, the food is nothing to write home about.
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nthing Mader's or the Safehouse but that area there is plenty of restaurants to walk and "bump into".
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we were told that basically all restaurants will serve you fried fish on Fridays, whether it's on the menu or not, which I wasn't sure whether to believe.

Yes, this is pretty much true if the restaurant isn't Mexican/Chinese/Indian etc. Go to Turner Hall for this. Really.
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We ended up having fish fry at The Wicked Hop. It was quite good!
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