Help me understand the echoing voice in the Metro stations.
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What is said at the beginning of this Washington DC Metro station announcement?

There is an announcement that plays in the Metro stations in DC, and I can't figure out what the woman is saying in the beginning. And it drives me nuts.

It's the message about looking for suspicious packages and reporting it or any suspicious activity to a Metro officer. It sounds like she's beginning the message by saying "savings, savings." but that (obviously) makes no sense.

I realize it's going to be completely obvious what she's saying once it's pointed out to me, but no one I've asked thus far seems to know what unintelligible phrase I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance!
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Nothing like "Savings, Savings", but I think that announcement starts with "Hi! Is that your bag?" (like the other starts with "Hi! Welcome to the DC Metro. Our doors don't work like other doors they'llcrushyou)
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Best answer: “See it? Say it!”
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Best answer: "See it? Say it. The Metro Transit Policy would like to remind you if you see something out of the ordinary to please call the Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121."

(Done entirely from memory, and I've been out of town for about four months).
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"Excuse me, excuse me. Is that your bag? If you see something, say something" as far as I can remember
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i have the same experience, its hard to understand her at first, and you're wondering, WTF did she just say?! but I do believe its "Excuse me is that your bag" ~ your fellow commuter
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See It, Say It is a different announcement from the straight up Is That Your Bag
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"First Time Riding Metro?"

There are also occasionally other announcements. There was a particularly muffled-sounding one about the Cherry Blossom Festival on a loop this past weekend. Occasionally messages are delivered to station managers via the PA.

I like to imagine that the drivers are treated to the same sort of inane messages that the passengers are:
"First time Driving Metro? Our trains don't stop like normal trains..."
"Excuse me... Was that a red signal?"
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Response by poster: OK, there is no way I would have gotten "See it say it".

Thanks for clearing that up!

(and, y'all are right, I've melded the "excuse me excuse me, is that your bag?" one into the "savings savings" one.)

Thanks again!
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