MS Exchange + Snow Leopard, help!
March 28, 2010 2:35 PM   Subscribe + Exchange 2007 + Snow Leopard. Messages aren't getting deleted inside They look like they are, but when i quit and re-open, they're back. The internet has failed me.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Add Exchange 2007 account to Mail under 10.6.x
2. Delete some mail
3. Click to a different inbox or folder
4. Go back to the inbox

Mail is back, undeleted

Mail should be moved to the exchange "Deleted Items" folder

When I go to the OWA 2007 webaccess, everything works as expected. It just doesn't inside Any network admins have an idea what's going wrong? I tried to select "deleted items" under my exchange account and "use this mailbox for" -> trash, but all the options are grayed out.

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Best answer: Exchange supports numerous mail reader transport mechanisms, often incompletely. IMAP is a clear open standard with solid implementations, including claims support for EWS but not even every Exchange 2007 supports EWS. Afaik, does not even attempt support for insanity like ActiveSync, MAPI, HTTPS-MAPI, Exchange WebDAV, etc. I'd expect your seeing some EWS bugs resulting from being out of date on Exchange service packs, but I'd just suggest that you switch to IMAP over SSL regardless.
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Response by poster:
I'd just suggest that you switch to IMAP over SSL regardless.
I imagine that assumes I have some say in the matter, right? Let's just assume that my employer uses Exchange 2007, and is so huge that that won't be changing anytime soon...thanks for the answer though. Any other advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
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I use Exchange IMAP (Exchange 2003) in Chances are your employer offers it too? Perhaps not officially though - I had to figure out my settings on my own.

Granted I have similar deletion issues to you. Usually it just takes quite some time to sync so I find it might take up to a DAY to reflect deleted item changes, although if I move something to another folder, that's much faster. I just chalk it up to an Exchange quirk.
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Best answer: Look, if your IT guys have applied all Exchange 2007 service packs, and enabled IMAP even over VPN only, then you'll have both ESW and IMAP working, and one will likely work correctly. If both fail even over VPN, you might find other mac clients that support MAPI or ActiveSync.
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Response by poster: thanks very much!
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