Blogs about foreigners in the US?
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I'm looking for blogs by and about foreigners who move to the US and talk about their experiences. I'd like to avoid mandatory student blogs if possible. Bonus points for English-language blogs by someone from the East, but anything that isn't Canada will do. Thank you, MeFi!
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my roommate has some advice:

This is a well researched topic in the field of cultural anthropology. The best thing you might do would be to use a library system to research academic journals. You will be surprised by how much info there is out there on this topic.

Good luck!
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It's not a blog, but I really enjoyed the book I'm a Stranger Here Myself by Bill Bryson. It is a collection of columns Bryson wrote about returning to the US after living in Britain for a long time.
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This Australian in NY blog is pretty good.
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You might try searching lang-8, a social networking site focused on language learning. If you searched the profiles of people located in the US whose native language isn't English, you should be able to find some interesting writers.
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