Help me collect donations for a friend.
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How do I raise money to replace stolen goods for a friend?

I have a friend who recently had all her photography equipment stolen. She has virtually no money to replace it. A group of facebook friends have decided that we'd like to replace some of it for her but the group is kind of large- about 30 people. What is the best way to go about collecting funds to do this without necessarily getting raped by fees like paypal would charge?
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Best answer: You can send money via paypal as a "gift." They take no fees on the gift money - my friend paypals me for her portion of our shared bill every month this way, no problem.
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Medieval Maven is exactly right about paypal.

Or, if you're more ambitious... You could organize a fundraising event with those 30 people and expand the pool of donors. I think you could raise a lot of money if you charged $5 admission, had some moneymaking activities (like a silent auction), and turned it into a big party.
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Best answer: Try, which exists to coordinate group collections and gifts, including funded credit cards.
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If she's in on it, rather than being a surprise, locals could receive an IOU to be redeemed at a later date for her services. i.e. $25 donation = 1hr of her time for portraits, pets, get together group shots, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! We're going to decide between paypal gifting and edivvy. Thanks a lot!
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Also, consider giving her the gift of photography equipment insurance, something that at $15/month would have spared you and her all this trouble.
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