Can you help me identify this 18th (?) century drawing of an insane asylum?
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I'm trying to identify this drawing of an insane asylum, which opens a surgical film that I'm writing about. I felt sure it was Hogarth, but it doesn't seem to match any of his works. I'm sorry it's so blurry!
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The tophat would seem to rule out Hogarth, though the poses so similar to the end of Rake's Progress I guess it's an, uh, homage. Going by the clothes its 1830s/40s?
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Best answer: According to this page it's 'Patients in the garden of an asylum,' engraving by K. H. Merz (c.1834). Clearer image here.
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Best answer: ...which seems to have been based on a drawing by Wilhelm von Kaulbach entitled Das Narrenhaus.
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Response by poster: You're a lifesaver, misteraitch! Thank you so much.
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