Outdoor Ed= perpetual seasonal work?
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Moving East to West for seasonal Outdoor Ed job, but need something stable afterward. Advice for the skilled & experienced, but perpetually hand-to-mouth college grad?

Recent college grad with Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace and CPR certifications.

Completed a year of AmeriCorps service specifically designed for environmental ed and conservation service (we lived in a state forest!)

Currently finishing up a year of farm manager work on an educational farm (not interested in further farm work)and will move across the country to work as a crew leader for the Northwest Youth Corps' Fall Conservation Corps.

After the conservation corps I need a job- and something NOT seasonal. I'm willing to to relocate for the job.

Ideas for organizations, additional schooling, locations, programs etc? (Programs similar to Outward Bound or The Traveling School are appreciated.)
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When I worked for Outward Bound there were a lot of people for whom it was a full-time career, moving from place to place to suit the seasons and programs - US, Canada & UK in the northern summer, Australia, NZ & SA in the winter months (e.g. I went down and worked for OB Lesotho one winter). If that's what you like to do, and what you're qualified to do, why not stick with it for a few more years? I just think you might regret passing up the opportunity while you still have this freedom... I sure miss it!
Otherwise, the UK (North Wales, Peak District, Lake District) has quite a few outdoor schools that run year-round, you might want to look into moving over there.
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I'm in another line of environmental work, but I often see the sorts of job listings you'd be interested in on the following (Minnesota-centric) sites: SEEK, NextStep, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Minnesota Environmental Partnership, State of Minnesota Employment.
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Train to become an EMT.
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