Cheap Senor Swab Materials For Digital SLR Cameras
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Looking for the lowest cost for sensor swabs or pec pads to be used for digital SLR sensor cleaning. Specifically for the Canon 30D.

I am looking for this product at the cheapest rate, or those similar. If anyone has a reputable source they would like to share, that would be great.

Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab Digital Imaging Sensor Cleaner

Type 2

Thank you.
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My understanding is that these are very delicate items (the sensors that is), and easily damaged. If it can't be cleaned with a rocket blower, I would send my DSLR in to be done by someone who has done more of them than me, and who warranties his/her work.

Having said that, the reviews are ok, taking them at face value.

I would ask/search on the Canon forums before I used them, but that is just me.

Good luck.
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Thanks GeeEmm, I use them regularly; therefore, I wanted to find cheaper rate.
posted by captainsohler at 3:41 PM on March 30, 2010

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