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I lose my cell phone all the time at home. Is there a way to ring my phone from the web? (For free? In the US?) All I need is a hint where to look and it would be back in my hand!

I'm aware that there's this thing out there called P-u-t-t-i-n-g--T-h-i-n-g-s--A-w-a-y--C-o-r-r-e-c-t-l-y, but apparently it's only practiced on other planets, and I am so very sick of wasting time chasing after the **** phone!

It's not an ask-your-neighbors-for-help kind of area, and I don't normally have access to a second phone while at home. If it matters, I live in the state of Virginia.
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Best answer: Where's My Cell Phone?
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I use Phone my Phone.
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Can't you call it from Skype?
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You can easily call yourself using Google Voice.
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Response by poster: I love you all! Thank you!
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A lot of carriers let you send a text by email. That might be easier.
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In addition to email gateways lots of carriers have a web form for texting people on their network.
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You might also try buying multiple chargers, leaving them in fixed places, and charging your phone a lot. You'll need this behavior if you ever buy a fancy phone, well all those lovely iPhones, Androids, etc. will die after like 3 hours on both 3g and wifi simultaneously.
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Don't want to derail, but is there a Callmycarkeys?
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Response by poster: If there is [a CallMyCarKeys], I need that one too. I'm thinking about investing in a clapper. Surely they've improved in functionality since the 80s!
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