Triangle head, Triangle head, help me get rid of my triangle head
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Melbourne,FL filter: I don't know how many Space Coast MeFites are on here, but never hurts to ask right? I need a haircut, please help me find someone who can deal with my cursed hair.

I'm female, short layered hair. My hair is very thick,thick,thick,
coarse and wavy. It tends to be dry, but that has improved with shampoo and products. Right now it is just a big, poffy mess. I need someone who can tame it down, get rid of the hair helmet, bring out the waves. Would like to keep it around $30 before tip. Thank you!
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That's my boyfriend's hometown. Maxine's on Highland Avenue tamed his curly unruly hair. The hairdresser spent 1 1/2 hours on him. The staff were polite and it's definitely geared towards women. Maxine's also sells wine, which you can buy and drink while you get your hair cut.
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Honestly, $30?

The truth about why a $60+ haircut is worth it - beyond the likelihood of a more experienced stylist - is that it still looks good beyond the first few weeks of a haircut.

If I were you, I'd read the Yelp reviews for salons in your area, call a few and ask if they have anyone that specializes in or is good with curly hair.

The higher end salons won't screw with you and just put you with Linda, the person with the next availability. They will likely try to ensure that your satisfied.

Go the first time and build up a rapport. Higher end salons, contrary to what makeover shows display, will give you a nice version of your current style. After a few visits, they'll start assessing how comfortable you are with drastic change.

Also try some of the curly websites. Find your hair type and see some good examples of cuts.
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your = you're !!!
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k8t...yeah I know the $60 dollar haircuts are worth old hairstylist in Gainesville cost that much. He did an amazing job and did free touch-ups in between cuts as well. I just can't afford to drop that much plus tip right now. Having said that..I will be able to soon, so if anyone has a high end suggestions as well...
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Not really relevant to your question, but I also have very thick, wavy, coarse hair that was completely untameable when I lived in the humid Southeast. I live in the Southwest now, which is of course much dryer, but I also use a straightener. I have a layered wedge-cut bob that I'm growing out, which I straighten every day, and I've never loved my hair this much in my life. Dunno how you feel about heat styling but my hair seems to be holding up. I'd also recommend clear (no additives) aloe gel--I put it in while wet, blowdry, and my hair stays soft and smooth even the next day. I use Fruit of the Earth, you can find it at Walmart.

(my mother used to call my hair the Sphynx 'do for it's triangleness)
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