Cat Back Map?
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Children's book involving a cat and a map?

We recently adopted a cat, who is mostly white but had two dark spots on his back. Ever since we got him my wife has been trying to remember reading our kids a children's book involving a cat with spots on its back which somehow formed a map.

Does anyone know the book she's thinking about?
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Is she 100% sure it was a cat? I vaguely remember reading a book in grade school about a cow that wanted to be a dancer or in show business or something. She did the various tryouts and failed, but in the end she became famous anyway after people discovered that her spots formed a map of the world ("even Borneo!" IIRC).
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She says it was a cat.

Also, this would have been roughly 15 years ago.
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Chester the worldly pig has spots that make continents.
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Thanks for the link, mearls, that was actually the book I was thinking of. Older than I thought, too. Given the publication date (1978), it's possibly the right one for this question, but OP's wife sounds pretty sure it was a cat.
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