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Summer housing in San Francisco: is it totally crazy to fly down and start looking only two weeks before my job starts?

I'm working in San Francisco this summer from May 24 to the end of July. I go to school on the East Coast and don't know anyone in SF well enough that I'd feel comfortable imposing on them to go check out places for me. Also, it seems like most sublessors on Craigslist want to meet before agreeing to a lease.

My plan is to fly out a couple of weeks early, stay at a budget, long-term stay hotel for a couple of weeks and try to land a sublet. It seems to me as though a lot of places on CL are listed shortly before the sublessor expects a sublessee to move in. Am I wrong? Is this crazy?

If so, what's my best alternative? Sign up for something from 2000 miles away and hope for the best?

My budget is $1500-$2000/month and I'm trying to stay within walking distance of the Financial District, if possible.

Also, if any SF Me-fites have ever stayed in a place run by Trinity Management, I'd be interested to hear your opinions. They seem to have a lot of apartments in good locations with short-term leases.

My problem is that there are a few pretty negative reviews online. My sense, however, is that online reviews of landlords tend to skew negative (because people don't bother to report positive experiences in the same way that they would, say, a restaurant), so I'd be interested to hear if anyone had a positive experience.
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For a place I was staying in for only two months, I wouldn't worry too much about negative online reviews. Two weeks should be plenty of time to find a place, if you start setting up appointments a week or two beforehand.
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I did this and was able to find a sublet within two weeks. You are only limited by where the sublets are, not so much whether there will be any in your price range. I would also consider that you just need to be within walking distance of the BART which goes to the financial district.

I know nothing about Trinity Management, but two weeks could be spent in less than ideal conditions and, at the end of the day, it's two weeks. Go ahead and do it.

Also, I wouldn't recommend leasing anything long term without you having a chance to see it, let alone worrying about the person leasing meeting you. Too many variables to lease site unseen.
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Yelp says Trinity sucks.
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Best answer: If you happen to be a 2L, looking for a place to stay as you summer at an SF firm, read on. If not, this won't apply to you.

Try getting a sublet from a student at UC Hastings. I went to school there and can attest that it is walking distance to the FiDi (maybe 15 minutes). The rent should be reasonable and you'd get a place with furnishings and internet. The biggest plus is that the person you would be subletting from would have a matching schedule (which is why I am operating on the assumption you are a 2L). Call the McAllister Tower office and see if you can get them to post a flyer for you or if they know of anything available. It is an urban area with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Again if you aren't a law student then I offer my apologies. I just thought I would take a shot in the dark (subletting is only allowed to law students for what I am guessing are insurance reasons).
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Response by poster: If you happen to be a 2L, looking for a place to stay as you summer at an SF firm, read on. If not, this won't apply to you.

Good guess. That's a great tip — thanks!
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Best answer: I did this in San Francisco for summer internships three years in a row: I booked a hotel for a week (around the end of June) and spent the week responding to Craigslist sublet listings and running all over to check them out. It worked out fine every time. I did stay with some eccentric people during those summers, but they make for good stories.
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