Can an American get a job with the UN?
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Is it possible for an American citizen to get a job working for the UN FAO?

I'm interested in a job with the UN FAO in Rome. I was recently told by someone who had worked for the FAO that as an American citizen, there was no chance that I would be hired regardless of experience/suitability, and in fact, that in the particular FAO program I'm interested in, the only people hired come from a specific region of the world because the countries in that region of the world provide most/all of the funding for the program.

At the request/suggestion of the program head, I plan to submit an application for a position regardless, but I'm curious if this an accurate depiction of either official or unofficial hiring practices at the UN FAO?

If it pertains, this is a relatively modest position but doing work that I am very excited about.
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I can't help the poster, but it must be this UN Agency, Food and Agriculture Organization.
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My understanding that was unless you have a seriously compelling proposition (famous outside your field) UK/US nationals have virtually no chance at all of a job with a UN body. Most UN organisations apparently run a positive discrimination programme in favour of under represented nations.

That said, accoridngly to that list as at Nov 09, the USA was under represented apparently so, perhaps this will work in your favour?
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