Japanese "No Laptops" decal
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Small, 2" circular plastic sign/placard?/decal?, red circle crossed though with an image of a laptop inside. "No Laptops Allowed" being the meaning. Comes with adhesive foam tape on back. Purchased from Daiso. Where can I find another online?

I superglued it onto my old computer and my new computer needs one. NEEEDS. Thanks!
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If you still have the old one, nail polish remover (acetone) is a solvent for superglue. Depending on what kind of plastic the placard and laptop case are, they could be damaged, of course.
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I should have tried that before going for the bench scraper.
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I am intrigued by your Daiso link, and there's one not too far from where I need to run an errand in the next week or two. Want me to see if I can find one in the store? What section would it be in?
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Well, Daiso's a wacky grab bag of a place. Lots of cheap plastic wonders, lots of Engrish. There was basically a section of adhesive placards. Loads of them, with kanji and pictograms. That was the Daly City store, so YDMV.

If you obtain one for me and mail it I'll definitely be super impressed and grateful. For some reason I strongly feel the need to get rid of this Apple logo droneglow herdbrand situation.

Hive Mind, mobilize! :)
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Daly City Daiso is the biggest of the bay area locations and has the most extensive selection (do I shop at Daiso a little too much? Why yes), Yesterday I checked the tiny mall Daiso nearest me although it doesn't have a placards section but the Mountain View location does have them—I bought some push/pull placards for my yard gate from there just a few weeks back, so next time I'm up in Mutant View, I'll go look for you too.
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