What to do with four hours at Edmonton Airport?
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Tomorrow afternoon (28th Mar) from 2:30pm until 6:30pm I have a layover at Edmonton International Airport, Alberta. What is there close by to see or do, or are we stuck in the airport?
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Best answer: The airport here is way out in the middle of nowhere really, I doubt you could really see much in the city and get back to the airport without some stressful driving. If it was me I would just hang around the airport.
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Yes, I wouldn't want to judge Edmonton on what you could do in a four hour layover. The airport is too far out of town.
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Response by poster: Stuck in the airport it is. Thanks hivemind!
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Is there anything to do in downtown Edmonton?
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There the big mall
I dont know how far its from the airport
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That's my point. When I visited Edmonton in the 1990s, there was nothing to do downtown. It's all at the mall.
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There is nothing to do in the Edmonton Airport, there is nothing to do in Nisku, the downtown is pretty cool, and whyte ave you can kill some time, but it takes an hour and a bit to get downtown, and an hour an a bit to get back.

Even the bookstore is lame.
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West Edmonton Mall is a 45 minute drive from the airport with no traffic. A lot more than an hour with traffic, and traffic in the West Edmonton area is horrendous these days.

I have lots of friends from Edmonton. I go there at least 4 times a year on business. The people are wonderful, but the town (I hesitate to call it a city) is dreadfully boring. Unless you're from the boonies (e.g. Ft. McMurray), Edmonton isn't a noteworthy destination. Roll on through.
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Oh god not the mall.

In the last several years there has been a concerted effort to build up downtown as a place one might want to go, with more shopping, eateries, and such. There is also a new art gallery. There is more than just West Ed. Seriously.
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You poor soul.

There's really not much out the south end. There are a couple of decent restaurants on the highway, but nothing worth leaving the airport for.

Bring a good book, is my best suggestion.
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