Can multiple users tweet simultaneously on one account?
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I tweet for our library. I usually use Tweetdeck or question regardless of the app used (including Seesmic and Twitter's own page itself) -- can multiple persons be logged in to the same account and post at the same time? Other librarians from different departments would like to be logged in while I am logged in and tweet whatever. Thanks for your time.
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I don't understand, why can't you just try it and see if it works? not trying to be combative, just wondering
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Response by poster: I understand and didn't remotely see it as combative. The other workers are away and I am the only one who has the apps installed on my computer. I am away from work now and I hoped (hope) somebody savvy with Twitter might know the answer. I need to email my supervisor Monday about it and couldn't find this specific issue online. I trust MeFites.
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Best answer: I've left myself logged in to Tweetdeck on various computers and have been able to post from any one of them.
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Best answer: Twitter is not a login-based service, really. Each time you send a message, you are logging in separately -- your credentials are included with the post request. It should be no problem to have multiple clients open to the same account. It won't even be a problem if you try to post at the exact same time.

(Technical detail; yes, most clients use long-poll to receive messages. But you can long-poll from as many clients as you want. Or more than 1, anyway.)
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Best answer: I think cotweet does what you desire. you can assign multiple team members on the settings page to administer the same account and give them tasks to do. I also like the delayed ("scheduled") update function. this youtube video looks like a decent introduction.

I hope that's what you wanted.
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Best answer: As jrockway says, I don't think Twitter (the service) really has a notion of someone being logged in or not; it's mostly stateless. So there shouldn't be any problem with multiple people using the same account at one time. (I bet lots of people end up simultaneously "logged in" from both their cell phone and their desktop, come to think of it.)
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Best answer: I have been one user of a shared account and nobody had any problems.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the input. The answers were all the opposite of what I thought and was told by a coworker..which will definitely change how we are doing things. Again, thanks and have a great weekend, knowing that you really helped me.
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