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How can I automatically and simultaneously create multiple .ZIP files out of an equal number of uniquely named folders in a common directory?

I have several thousand folders all containing different files (images). They all exist in the same directory and have unique names. I need to make a ZIP file of each folder and give it the same name as the folder.

I currently use WINRAR and it works great when you need to do low quantities of zips, one at a time, but there must be an automatic solution out there to batch this.

I currently have:

I need:

Thanks in advance!
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I use Directory Opus for stuff like this. Evaluation is free for 60 days at GPSoft.
This tutorial will tell you how.
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If you do not have them, get zip.exe and unzip.exe (command-line zip & unzip) at a google near you.
Then start a command prompt, and run:

cd /albums
for /D %a in (*) do zip -r %a

If you want to use a batch file, the %'s must be doubled
In xx.bat:

cd /albums
for /D %%a in (*) do zip -r %%a

because a batch file eats %s

Type 'help for' at a command prompt if you want to know what /D and %~n do.
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Response by poster: hmmmm. Akke, if it worked, you would have the best answer.

I downloaded the software and installed it. Unfortunately, the menus do not match the tutorial you linked, and even a search of the "help" index finds no reference to the function in the tutorial, namely "create multiple zips" anywhere in the software :-( What am I doing wrong?
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Response by poster: Akke, the version I downloaded was 9.5. There is no option to download an earlier version
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Response by poster: Hexatron: I am running Vista 64, all I can fin are 32 bit versions which Vista wont let me install :-(
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You should be able to run 32bit programs in the 64bit Vista cmd
I don't have a 64bit system, but I found this:
which, if the title isn't a total lie, should tell you how to do it.
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Best answer: Right click the button bar.
Click customize.
Right click the button bar again.
Click New Button.
Right click the new button.
Click Advanced...
Paste the following:

Copy ZIP=single HERE

Click ok and open all config windows.

From now on you should be able to select any number of dirs or files and pack them using the button.
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...close all config windows...
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Response by poster: You ROCK, Akke!!!
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