Where to take a Photography Vacation and stay in an All Inclusive Resort?
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My boyfriend and I would like to spend a week this spring at a reasonably priced All Inclusive Resort anywhere that's Warm where we can do some photography in the area. Any recommendations?

Ideally we would like

All Inclusive Resort
-Tropical Weather 75+ degrees (we're traveling between late April and early June)
-Decent food with a good selection
-Drinks included
-Pools (beach not needed)
I stayed at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica and it was great - many different "restaurants" and lots of bars and pools all over the property

Area where we can walk around (or take public transportation) and do some photography, really of anything that is interesting, scenic areas, nice little towns, interesting cities (something different than a Boston or NYC). We would like to avoid super touristy areas, even if the resort is somewhat touristy, somewhere nearby to take pictures that is not, would be ideal.

We'd be Flying out of Boston if that matters.
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I would recommend some place on the Mayan Riviera, but I was there years ago, and it's my understanding most of it was wiped out in a hurricane a few years ago and rebuilt Cancun style. I'm sure you could find a place like that in Belize though and the Mayan ruins are great photo ops for everything.
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The Mayan Riviera is great. I was just there, and it has recovered well from the hurricane. Playa del Carmen, near the mayan Riviera hotels, would be great for pictures, and of course so would the mayan ruins. There are a lot of great all-inclusives in the are. Very reccomended.
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Belize has several places and is wonderful for photography. Note that all-inclusive resorts generally have decent but not terribly good food, except at the very high end.
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Nthing Riviera Maya, it's exactly what you've described. Check out the Palace Resorts.
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If you fly out of Montreal you can go to Cuba most of the resorts there are all inclusive and cheap .
There where Americans there when I went they dont stamp your passport so no one will know :-)
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I've stayed at the Presidente Intercontinental in San Jose del Cabo. it had all the features you seek and was very very nice, I dont know about price tho, as we went for a conference my husband had.

also, in general the mayan riv is gorgeous!!!
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Since you appear to be American, I won't tell you about the large number of Canadians we met in Cuba. All of whom had American accents.

I won't tell you that the resorts are dirt cheap and all inclusive, that the hotels normally have hire cars, or that the visas you get a little slips or paper you put inside your passport until you fly home again.

No, no, it would be wrong to tell you about such a beautiful island which Americans are being kept from for no logical reason...
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Super nth-ing Playa del Carmen/Mayan Riviera. They all have amazing pools, the town of Playa is lovely, and the ruins at Tikal are not to be missed.
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I went to the Mayan Riveria at Secrets Capri a few years back with my girlfriend and it was gorgeous. Definitely a little touristy, but enough restaurant selections and entertainment to keep us busy. Plus, we alternated days of adventure and downtime.

For adventure we visited Chichen Itza and Tulum on day trips. Part of one of those tours was visiting a cenote to swim (formed by the underground rivers that roll through the Riveria). Absolutely beautiful, looks like this. We also headed to still existing small mayan pueblos.
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small thing but if your looking for advice on specific hotels/resorts look on tripadvisor.

may even look on there for this kind of question...
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