Seeking a female therapist in Boston
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[Boston filter] Could anyone recommend a female therapist or psychologist in the city of Boston?

Asking for a female, mid 20's friend who just ended a traumatic romantic relationship and is seeking therapy. They must be located in Boston proper or South Boston, not surrounding cities. I'd like to refer her to someone specializing in emotional, self esteem, relationship issues etc.

This question has been asked, but not for 6+ years. Thank you.
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Check the CG Jung Institute. I can highly recommend Manisha Roy but she is in Cambridge now. It would be worth checking because as I remember she did see people in multiple locations
Manisha Roy, Ph.D.
332 Franklin St. #501
Cambridge MA 02139
(617) 864-2991
This woman is responsible for helping me put my life back together after an absolutely horrific marriage (including an attempt on my life). Because of the guidance she gave me, I am mentally healthy again. I could go on and on about how life changing my analysis with her was.
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And best of luck...I have prayed for you.
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Gatewood West - she's based in Porter Square with office hours on Wednesdays. She is FANTASTIC. She's on Creighton Street and number is 617-876-7360. She's been invaluable to me over the past year. I am the type of person who tries to "outsmart the therapist" too (yeah, I know) but she's had me pegged since day 1.
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Sarah Meehan of Rasi Associates in Copley Square. She's awesome. There are other female therapists in that practice as well.
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Monica O'Neal in the Back Bay is really good with esteem and relationship issues - she's helped me tremendously!

Her Psychology Today profile.
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I'm sending you a memail.
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If the situation changes and Somerville or Cambridge can be considered, let me know.
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