How can I print out all of my chats from Gmail?
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How can I print out all of my chats from Gmail?

To start, this is my first post anywhere on Metafilter. Please be gentle.

I have about a year's worth of Gchat conversations that I would like to export and print off to give to someone as a gift. Is there a computing process somewhere out there that will let me do this easily, resulting in minimal editting/formatting? Or am I doomed to cutting and pasting each chat into a Word document and then fussing with the margins, etc.?

Any solutions you have will have to be spelled out for me in the most uncomplicated language possible. I'm not very good with computers.

Thank you!
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I haven't actually tried to print my gtalk conversations.. but is there any reason you can't just print from gmail?
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well for starters you just type in the person's name, followed by label:chats and it will bring them all up for you. Beyond that, I'm not sure if there's going to be anything faster than one by one.
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- you can set up a search such as " in:chats"
- you can then apply a filter do these messages
- filters show up as folders in IMAP, so you can use another email client to access just those messages
- you can then download just these messages via imap and save / do whatever you want?

It's that last step that would be tricky, but I can give it a shot in the morning and try and write out more directions. Mac or PC?
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This previously should help
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Chatlogs do not show up in IMAP: as far as I can tell, they're only visible in the web interface to Gmail. If I needed to download chatlogs, I'd probably write a script to scrape the chats from the Gmail's basic HTML version. Ugly, but there's not really a better option that I can think of.

For now, I'm just going to keep bothering the Data Liberation group at Google and hope someone eventually notices that chatlogs are inaccessible.
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You can print chats directly from the chat's log in Gmail. You can narrow those down by typing:

subject:"Chat with

followed by the name the person is using in Google Talk (and a closing quotation mark), e.g.:

subject:"Chat with jessamyn"

If there's something more specific to your question that means Gmail's interface and printing ability won't meet your needs, post more.
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