How do I dance the Madison?
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DanceFilter -- Can anyone explain to me the steps of the Madison as performed in the film Band Of Outsiders?

My friend and I are trying to figure out the steps to the Madison dance scene in the film Band of Outsiders.

Yes, we know that what they are doing is not the real Madison dance but a variation. We're trying to figure out the version they do in the film. We are (very) amateur dancers.

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Find a local jazz or swing dance teacher. They should be able to guide you through the steps.
posted by turbodog at 8:08 PM on March 26, 2010

check out the version from the original Hairspray! (not the full scene, may have to rent it)...the lyrics include instructions!
posted by sexyrobot at 9:23 PM on March 26, 2010

Looks like a pretty basic step ball change with a pivot. Take a few jazz dance classes (traditional not hip-hop).
posted by sammyo at 6:58 AM on March 27, 2010

Not sure if this helps, but you can move this weird imitation/catalog thing frame-by-frame. WARNING: Be Stupid.
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Response by poster: It's like I can see Diesel ads from the future. Not days after I asked the question I see this on an advertising blog.

Perfect directions!
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These lessons teach you how to dance it the way they do in the film.
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