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My daughter wants voice/speech recognition, including voice mail to text, while working in the field, office or home.

My daughter has a position that requires frequently documenting and making progress/treatment notes regarding visits in clients homes, at other out of office sites or regarding third party meetings. She much prefers making those notes immediately after her meetings/visits rather than during them. She is provided a Blackberry and laptop with 3G connectivity.
What she wold like to do is call her voice mail, dictate her note and have it available in text I suggested Google Voice, she was particularly interested in it because her other voice mails (and there are many) would also appear in text form. Other information: her progress notes are brief, she likes the idea of seeing voice mails in text, she would not have to go through a menu and make notes of relevant information and can rank importance of calls.
Given these needs do you think Google Voice would be serviceable, or there other tools that would accomplish the same tasks. Also, she spends considerable time in her car driving or waiting and prefers talking to typing though she has excellent typing skills Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions.
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Google Voice is fine for getting the gist of a voicemail, but it's not an accurate transcription. That said, I find it useful for voicemail. I think it would be frustrating for personal notes.
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It sounds like she needs Jott.
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Dragon Dictation is available free for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and it's pretty good.
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Vlingo is a great speech recognition app on the blackberry. You start the app and dictate into it. Vlingo.com I believe there are some features that are free and some that are paid.

Youmail is a much more accurate voicemail to text service. Both that and Jott will likely require a monthly subscription.
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