SFBay industrial surplus?
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[SFBay Area Filter] Replacement for Triangle Machinery?

I just found out that the greatest industrial surplus store in the SFBay is no more. Help me through my mourning by suggesting other local places that I can get gears, cogs, bits, bobs, industrial milling machines and the occasional 10,000 volt power supply.
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You might head up to Alan Steel & Supply, in Redwood City.
I've been to Triangle Machinery numerous times, and the feel at Alan Steel is a good match.
A lot of it is outdoors, so bring a hat and sunglasses!
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I think I'm going to cry...

I was just down that way two weeks ago and drove right by the Triangle address, but I was in a hurry and didn't have time to go in and poke around. Guess I'll never be able to now. I'll miss them, they were great.

Allen Steel in Redwood City has a great selection of new and used metal -- sheet, dimensional, rod, etc., as well as some surplus machinery and other surplus "stuff", but their primary focus is metal, not necessarily surplus. The owner can be very friendly if you aren't too needy. They are local to me and I use them a lot for project stuff, but Triangle was a whole 'nother kind of awesome. I am very sad to hear they are gone.
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Or what the Real Dan said.

Heh...Preview, gotta learn to use preview...
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There's Bataeff in the North Bay.
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For the occasional 10kV power supply, I'd try Weird Stuff in Sunnyvale. They also have an eBay site.
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Uhhh all I can remember is that it was on a frontage road on the east side of 101, just south of Petaluma.
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Triangle Machinery has been gone since September of 2008, at least.
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Just got back from Alan Steel. They're definitely not Triangle, but they'll do.

And they did give me a reasonable price on scrap half inch sheet aluminum, so there's that.
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