Cabins/cottages w/in 3-4 hr. drive of Detroit?
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Cabins/cottages w/in 3-4 hr. drive of Detroit? I've got three days off next month and would like to get out of the city for that time.

I'd love to go up to Traverse City or Sleeping Bear area, but I don't want to spend my entire vacation driving, so I'm looking for affordable suggestions within a 3-4 hr. drive from the city - either on water or even in "the woods" - something fairly secluded or private. I'm not into resorts, and B&Bs, in my experience, can be pricey. Hotels aren't really what I'm looking for, and on the opposite end of the scale, I'm not feeling like I want to pitch a tent this time around. Where do folks go when they want to relax and rejuvenate, either alone or with a friend? Particularly interested in LGBT-friendly spots, but that doesn't have to be a factor. (Already know about Saugatuck :) Also names of towns are great; names of specific lodging even better. Thanks!
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Check out Gaylord or Petoskey.
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Irish Hills is pretty close to Detroit - less than an hour from Ann Arbor. I know it was a pretty popular and cheap tourist destination when I was a kid. There are a lot of lakes and cabins. Or - you can try somewhere near London, Ontario.
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I've never been there, but my Mom stays at Bluebird Trails in Hillsdale, MI about once per year, and raves about it. Yes, it's technically a B&B, but maybe not as expensive as you feared. Looks like about $75-$80, and "you have the entire cottage to yourselves" according to their site. Here's a TripAdvisor page about the place too.
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Grand Bend, Ontario is about 2 hours north of Detroit. There should be beach cottages available, though it's still a wee bit cold this time of the year. It's probably not LGBT-unfriendly, but at the same time it's just small town Ontario so don't expect nightclubs or anything.

You could also look around Point Peele which is to the east/south in Ontario and will likely be warmer by a small margin.
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I stayed with some friends here and had a great time. It's not directly on the water but it is pretty secluded in a forested and slightly hilly area and it's a reasonable distance from the Detroit area. It is pretty pricey, though.

For more general recommendations further out you might also look at something on Saginaw Bay- since it's the off-season some of the cabin rentals should be be reasonably priced; you might check Au Gres or Tawas. Houghton Lake is nice, also. There's not a lot to *do* up there, but it sounds like that might be an attraction, and the economy in Northern Michigan is pretty bad so you might be able to get a pretty good deal on a cabin. There's also the Evart / Cadillac area.
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When I was a kid, we used to rent a cabin on Higgins Lake. You could check for rentals up there. Houghton Lake is nearby, and I think you might find more rentals there. Both are nice lakes with good fishing, and plenty of places to go hiking and enjoy the scenery.
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