Is there a twitter hack going on right now?
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Is there a twitter hack going on right now?

Someone came and asked me if I meant to be spamming twitter about playstation 3's on twitter. I logged in and found 3 links to amazon products that I hadn't posted.

I changed the password, but on a whim, started to poke around to see if anyone else was getting hit with it.

I searched for the contents of the tweet - Hot! PlayStation 3 120 GB - and got thousands of hits. And 50-100 more every 30 seconds.

Is there a bigger hack going on? Is this just a lot of compromised accounts? Any ideas how they got my password?
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There are always people trying to phish Twitter passwords. The safety account usually sends out notifications of big ones. The attacker may have managed to grab your cookie and not your password through a browser vulnerability, also.
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If you allow posting by email, those have been getting spammed recently too.
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did you sign up for any ipad / ps3 /xbox contests that prompted you to let someone post to your twitter account?
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Haven't really used the account. Didn't sign up for anything either.

I changed my password too.

I was curious since it seemed to be a fairly prevalent hack if there was anything larger going on.
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Do you use the same username/email/password at twitter that you use at other sites? One of those sites might have suffered a security breach and your username/password combo is now being tried at other popular sites. This is a fairly common method of "hacking" accounts these days.
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Make sure to follow Twitter and Spam as well as the above mentioned Safety.
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Changing your password is the best bet, and like bizwank said, don't use the same password at different sites. You can do something to differentiate... for example, if your password were "password" (just an example - don't use this!), then your password for Twitter could be passwordtw and your password for Facebook could be passwordfb. It would be even better, though, to use a random password generator like KeePass or LastPass.

In addition to following the above accounts, you can also check the Twitter status blog and the Twitter help pages when you have a problem.
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