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Can you recommend an immigration lawyer in the Bay Area who specializes in dealing with academics (J1 Scholars)?

There's really nothing complicated in this particular case. Just need a reliable lawyer who can process a permanent residency application for a scholar but we are overwhelmed with choices at this point.

Throwaway email is anonymoooooose at gmail
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I don't live in the Bay Area, but my husband had a J1 when we got married and applied for his green card. We asked the HR/immigration lady at his institute for a lawyer recommendation - they have 2-3 firms that they send people to all the time. Also, we just met for a one-time consultation ($200, I think) to get our questions answered and then did all of the paperwork ourselves. The lawyer flat out told us it wasn't necessary to hire him.
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I can recommend a firm who did well for me (not in bay area but worked remotely just fine from socal) - mefimail me!
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