No a data person- need help with listening to my music!
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Help me import music from a DVD onto my Itunes!

So someone recently gave me a DVD which apparently has a ton of awesome music on it but I can't figure out how to actually get to the music. The person who sent me it said I need to import the files. But yeah right, I have no idea how to do this from a DVD. I have a Macbook from 2007. Does anybody know how I could go about converting it or just flat our listening to it on my computer?

There is a slight chance the whole DVD could be blank- she some some other folks were having problems- but before I bug her about it I thought I'd give it a shot.
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Put the DVD in the drive, select "import" from the file menu, and that's it. If you put the DVD in and it doesn't show up on the desktop, or if it shows up as blank, it's the disc that's the problem.
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Thanks Admiral- do you mean once you're in Itunes go to "import"? I think the disk is a blank...
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If you have iTunes open and, when you insert the DVD, nothing shows up, either on the desktop or in iTunes, it's a good sign the disc may be blank. If it had readable music on it, the DVD and the music would show up in iTunes.

One other possibility would be that the music on the DVD is in a format iTunes can't recognize (like WMA or Ogg) But that's a rare thing. And, even then, the DVD would show up on the desktop and you'd be able to see the files if you double-click on it.
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You should be able to browse the DVD in the Finder, unless it's blank. That's the big test, whether or not the disc icon even shows up there.
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