Shorthand, but in German!
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Name that children's fiction from the 70's/80's: it was a mystery that two kids (I think a boy and a girl) needed to solve. The solution turned on a note. It was in shorthand, but it turned out the shorthand was in German. I wish I had more, but that's it.
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Bit of a curveball here, but could it possibly be The Westing Game? That involves a mystery/puzzle in which about a dozen people compete for an inheritance. At one point one player's shorthand notes on the clues are stolen but prove to be written in Polish.
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There was a Encyclopedia Brown that was similar - the note had a series of numbers on it, but one could have been either a 1 or a 7. They determined that since the author was european (German, I think), the 7 would have had a hash through the "stem," and therefore it was a 1.
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