Where can I buy an inexpensive USB micro cable?
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Where are some brick-and-mortar places to get micro-USB cables relatively cheap?

I know that serviceable cables can be as little as a couple of bucks if I had the time to buy ones online, but I don't. The only places I can think of -- consumer electronics stores like Best Buy -- are generally asking for around $20 for a cable.

I'm currently in central Virgnia, USA.

Piggyback question: where, in general, can I buy cheap cables (audio, video, computer, etc) and adapters?
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Micro Center has a store in Northern Virginia. They're a little bit better than Best Buy for stuff like that, but you won't get anywhere near Monoprice-level prices there.
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Response by poster: More specifically, I'm in Charlottesville, Virginia and I'm visiting and don't have my own car.
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Best answer: Most likely there aren't any. Never buy cables from B&M stores. You're probably better off buying them from Monoprice. and paying for the 2-3 day shipping which will still put you under $10.

If you need one ASAP, just buy one at Best Buy and return it once your online order comes in.
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Best answer: Are you near the university? There's probably a computer store on campus, or within the book store. I don't know any specifics about UVA, but that has been the case at other campuses I've been to.
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Best answer: Computer stores on campus, in my experience, will sell you cables that are as close to outrageously-overpriced MSRP as possible. I'd pick up what you need from Radio Shack or Best Buy in the meantime, buy a bunch of stuff from Monoprice, then return the expensive cables.

I place a Monoprice order every few months, and there's always something I forget.
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Best answer: Oh, and always buy way more than you think you need from monoprice. When USB cables are 99 cents or whatever, why not buy 4 or 5? Pick up some ethernet patch cables, maybe an iPod dock or two. I always order for one thing, but end up spending $30. Funny how that works.
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Best answer: Its been my experience that Big Lots at least the ones in our area have an unusually large selection of USB cables and adapters pretty cheap.
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Best answer: Yup, the cheapest I've ever seen USB cables, including monoprice, is Big Lots. Nasty store, cheap cables.
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Best answer: Perhaps you can do slightly better than $20 at a cellphone store?
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Fry's? Target?

Also, Amazon. I ordered an Amazon-branded cable once, picked the free 2 day shipping, and got it *the same day*. For $3.41.
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Response by poster: Returning it! Genius. Just like buying the dress for the prom and then bringing it back the next day. I just have to make sure my goofy friend doesn't puke all over the cable or spill wine on it and I should be good.

There's a lovely Big Lots near me as well and I'll check that out too.
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Response by poster: Also:

I ordered an Amazon-branded cable once, picked the free 2 day shipping, and got it *the same day*. For $3.41.

In all fairness, you live in Chicago, right? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a distribution center nearby.
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the dollar tree has usb cables...
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We've had the "use it and return it" discussion on here several times. Lots of people frown upon it, but I'm pretty ambivalent. I call it "The Wal-Mart Turnaround."

In my younger days we'd car camp with 5 or more people but we all owned backpacking tents, so we'd buy a massive piece of garbage tent at walmart w/ cash, use it for a week, and take it back. really their effective usage was about 4-5 nights anyway before they were totally trash. more recently I have purchased items at auction only to discover they were broken, purchased identical items at walmart and returned broken item in new box. Evil, evil, lying cheating stealing bastard.
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Response by poster: Buy and return is my last resort but I feel less guilty about it since they are knowingly fleecing me.
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Response by poster: Okay, so Big Lots had adapters that fit perfectly for just $7. But, they made my Droid behave as if it were possessed (without touching the screen, clicks were popping up everywhere). So I'm now using a Best Buy cable and considering a Monoprice purchase.

I do have a legitimate reason for returning the cable, though. It is frikken short, like maybe 1 ft. Seems a bit much to pay $15 for a 1 foot cable.
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