O So Clearly Canadian
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Where can I buy Clearly Canadian in NYC?

I must have some Clearly Canadian. Would like to pick some up locally, otherwise will order online, as I've seen can be done.

Jersey might also work. I know distribution is way more limited than it was in the 90s, when I last enjoyed it, and the packaging's changed, but, any leads?

I'll call the distributor listed on the website if I have to, but hoped some of you would have a source or have seen it around.

Any ideas for sparkling beverages that come close (hard to rival, I know, but still) are also welcome.

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You know, Clearly Canadian was bought out a few years ago. I have not seen it on sale in the USA since at least 2000. I bet you could order it through a soda pop company.
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Make your own. Buy some soda water. Add various flavors. You'll come up with something.
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I've spotted Clearly Canadian as recently as a year and a half ago at Big Lots in Indianapolis. I'm not sure if any are close enough to you, but you could check here and possibly call ahead. Also, they're in plastic bottles now--not the glass bottles I grew up with.
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Didn't they always have Clearly Canadian at Sbarros? I would check during lunch, but the one by my work (in the 47-50th Rockefeller Center Subway Station) closed down recently, I believe.
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Wow, of the two "US Chains" listed on the locator, one is about ten minutes away from me. I might have to make the trip. Looks like they got the glass bottles back.

Best bet is to call the distributor in listed NYC (Big Geyser).
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I have seen Clearly Canadian in the 24 Hour CVS Pharmacy on the corner of 42nd and 3rd Avenue. I noted this because I am a fellow Clearly Canadian and sparkling Mistic fan. Enjoy!
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Wow, thanks alice! Cheers!
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OMG, where can I buy Clearly Canadian ANYWHERE? I love the stuff, my parents used to use it as a reward for doing chores. Now that I know it's still being made, I'm going to have to track down a distributor...
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Sad news, NYC folks. Big Geyser hasn't distributed Clearly Canadian in a year, and they don't know if anyone does. Blast. Thanks again for your input.
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