What fun can grown-up couples have in Paris, France?
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NaughtyFilter: My new fella and I are going to Paris for a week, staying in Montmartre. We'll do the usual touristy things by day, but I would love to surprise him by coming up with a more 'adult' nighttime tour of the city of lights. Nothing too hardcore, just some good clean dirty hetero couples fun. For example, I've heard Moulin Rouge is kind of cheesy. Any hipper alternatives? Shops, bookstores, clubs, all suggestions welcomed.
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Er, there's this anonymous thread on virtually the same thing. There weren't many responses though, so hopefully others will chime in here.
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Yah, er, I thought I planned to post and forgot I actually did. Thanks fionab, for the gracious reminder and sorry all.
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Crazy Horse seconded
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You could take the metro to the Pigalle stop (I believe it's on the blue line in the north part of the city, depending on where you are in Montmartre you can probably walk there) at night and just walk around until you find something interesting. The Moulin Rouge is there, but there's also a lot of other sex shops and strip clubs.
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